Who We Are

Akari [A-ka-ray] – To Bring About Substantial Change, Meaning: Light, Brightness & Enlightenment


We are a group of individuals passionate about technology and how it shapes the world. A mixture of business minds, tech geeks and change evangelists we spend our days working to ensure that every advancement in technology can be used to help change how you work. We truly believe that digital transformation is not just about a new way of licensing software or some additional evergreen tools. It’s about maximising your investment in the greatest technology. Utilising new and exciting AI and cognitive services and mixing it with solid business ideas and your own strategy to create a roadmap unique to you. A lot of what we do is founded by the people who dreamt up the vision for Akari. So we thought it would help to meet them.

Meet the Founders



Margaret has a unique understanding of how technology and change can facilitate business transformation and digital conversation.

She spends her days working with organisations of all sizes to help them identify and develop core business strategies, focusing on how technology can enable and empower employees and can foster open, productive environments. Margaret is a strong advocate of the Microsoft stack and their ethos of empowerment and enablement. She is also a member of the global Microsoft partner influencer panel driving change and championing partner to partner enablement and ensuring that organisations realise the full scope of their Microsoft investment.

Margaret is also passionate about driving and championing the Women in Technology movement and does so as part of the SWiT Board. She has also been named one of the top 50 most influential women in the UK IT channel for the last three years.



Kimberley takes a people focussed approach to all she does and is an advocate for driving diversity and inclusion within the technology industry. With a unique ability to cultivate and manage relationships with internal and external stakeholders, Kimberley builds and maintains strong partnerships, creating and developing complementary products and services.

Her previous experience in the industry include marketing strategy, alliance relationship and strategy development roles. Kimberley is a Prosci Certified Change Practitioner and has delivered change strategy to global organisations.

Utilising her previous experience and skills learned throughout the years, Kimberley has built multiple CSR programmes, raising awareness of the routes to industry through apprenticeships and enabling accessible technology for young people of all ages and backgrounds.



Lindsay graduated with an honours degree in Information Systems from University of Strathclyde at the age of just 20 and has gained nearly six years’ experience of project management and knowledge of the end customer requirements for digital transformation projects.

With a total focus on customers and the impact that tecnology can bring, coupled with her unique channel experience, Lindsay has assisted customers with multiple funded proof of concepts covering Azure, Modern Workplace and Change Management, allowing organisations to trial and evaluate their strategy for progression.

Lindsay is P-CSM Microsoft qualified for Change Management and a member of the Microsoft Surface Ultimate Seller programme. Lindsay’s keen attention to detail allows her to add strategy value and ensure customer engagements are completed on time and within budget.

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