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Akari [Aa-ka-ray]

To Bring About Substantial Change, Meaning: Light, Brightness & Enlightenment
We are a group of individuals passionate about technology and how it shapes the world. A mixture of business minds, tech geeks and change evangelists we spend our days working to ensure that every advancement in technology can be used to help change how you work. We truly believe that digital transformation is not just about a new way of licensing software or some additional evergreen tools. It’s about maximising your investment in the greatest technology. Utilising new and exciting AI and cognitive services and mixing it with solid business ideas and your own strategy to create a roadmap unique to you. A lot of what we do is founded by the people who dreamt up the vision for Akari. So we thought it would help to meet them.

Meet The Leadership Team

Margaret Totten

Managing Director

Kimberley Totten

Operations Director

Lindsay Climson

Commercial Director

Lesley Murphy

Finance Director

Keith Inch


Rod Stuart

Strategy Director

Graham Byars

Engagement Director

Natalie Bell

Business Development Director

Disability Confident Employer
Microsoft for Startups
Prosci Certified Change Practitioner
UiPath Silver Partner
Akari Solutions Limited – PRIVACY STATEMENT
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