Our Approach


At Akari we strive to inspire change with inventive and creative technologies to further enable people’s experience


We are a company that believes in doing things a little differently. A new type of partner brought to the world of technology with a focus on digital inclusivity and accessibility. We believe that technology not only shapes the world we live in, but can improve it significantly with a few innovative and creative solutions.

In an industry focused on inputs and outputs, we saw a gap in the market for a female led organisation that can change the game, focusing on digital transformation and the real-life impact of technology.

As a forward-thinking organisation, we see the bigger picture for what it really is – the culmination of countless small parts. Your organisation is no different, and we believe that every individual should be recognised for what they are – a human being with a multitude of options for being the most productive they can be! Everyone has ideas and the potential to make a difference, and at Akari we are driven by the ideas of our employees to foster positive change. As a culture-first business, we want to make the journey enjoyable for everyone involved, internally for the company and for the end-users. When everyone’s happy, the results amplify for years to come.

In line with our mission to deliver the latest in innovative technology, we would be honoured to help you write and design your inclusion policies. We have various apps and training materials too, focusing not on making allowances or differences, but on creating an environment that levels out the field for every player.

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