Cloud Apps

At Akari, we create solutions using Microsoft Cognitive Services and Artificial Intelligence that both change how people work and communicate, and how they access the technology and tools they need. We have delivered technology solutions for some of the biggest names in the UK, bringing about substantial change and a better way of working.

Alongside our ground breaking AI solutions, that use the latest advances in technology to help increase productivity and ensure inclusivity, we also have a full change management solution that will help you ensure you get the most of your technology investment.

Akari Translation Studio is a web application which allows an organisation to produce translated documentation at scale (minimum speed 1800 characters/second) with an accompanying fact sheet.

Akari Virtual Assistant (AVA) is a virtual assistant built on Microsoft Teams which uses artificial intelligence to learn workflows about a user and answer or prompt questions about tasks. For example, a user can ask ‘when are my expenses due’ and AVA will provide the date and ask if they want to start a new expense claim from the HR document repository. AVA is also being developed to assist specifically with students at university.

Contact us to learn more: hello@akari.io

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