Akari Virtual Assistant (AVA)

AVA  is a chatbot built as an addition to the Microsoft software, Teams, which uses artificial intelligence to learn workflows about a user to answer and prompt questions about daily tasks.

For example, a user can ask ‘When are my expenses due?’ and AVA will not only provide the date, but ask if they want to start a new expense claim from the central HR document repository.

AVA is the only chatbot built on Teams, allowing users to focus on key tasks and ultimately make quicker and more informed decisions.  AVA allows employees to find information or documents quickly, boosting engagement and job satisfaction, saving businesses time and money.

AVA has the ability to connect communities and organisations. For example, if a student starts university, AVA links them to other people in their class, year group or with similar interests, creating a sense of belonging for students. It’s also effective in the workplace – in particular for organisations who have piloted the app with lone/remote workers.

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