Akari Translation Studio

Why ATS?

With Akari Translation Studio, organisations can quickly, accurately and securely translate large scale documents.

Translation Studio is a subscription service web app built on Microsoft Azure and cognitive Services, which allows organisations to produce translated documentation at scale with an accompanying fact sheet.

Current solutions for translation are costly and not always readily available in times of need.

A common issue within housing associations, emergency services & other businesses is requiring a translator or cutting down documents for consumption by extracting key information.

With Akari Translation Studio, they can translate a document from English to Polish and extract key facts such as tenancy start and end date, agreed monthly payment etc.

The Research

  • Councils in the UK currently spend over £11 million per year on face-to-face translator services.
  • 200 million people worldwide use technology to help translate languages every day
  • £25-£125 is the average price range for one page of standard translation

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