Embracing the Evergreen

But what does it even mean?

Evergreen, it’s a beautiful word, often making me drift to a place where the bright greens never fade before being abruptly brought back to reality when an Outlook notification pings in my ear. The joys of daydreaming!

When we talk about Evergreen within the technology world, it has a less green hue but defines the methodology of the Application and Services that businesses offer. But what does it mean? Well, I am so glad you/I asked! It’s all about building services, strategies, solutions, software and platforms that remain viable for a long period of time. This can refer to hardware, think of a SAN, a piece of tin with components and hard drives that will age and slowly (over many years) loose viability in the ever changing market. Well, what if this hardware was bought under an Evergreen policy, as soon as there is a newer, faster version, you would have the ability to upgrade and replace it with said new hardware. It is easier to imagine when it comes to software, think about enterprise software. You purchase an application that carries out a vital activity within your business, as this ages and loses tread in the ever changing software world it can become challenging without having to purchase the newest version. It becomes a challenge and leaves the agility of your business flailing.

With modern applications and services, like Windows 10, the evergreen model truly works. You purchase the base version of the software and the evergreen model allows for you to have access to a constantly changing and evolving OS. This is offered by a way of Feature Packs that can be installed to add and unlock new features for your business. It really couldn’t be any easier to keep atop of the curve.

As much as this functionality is available, being able to ensure it is adopted throughout your business can always be a challenge. With worries around bandwidth when updating your devices with the latest Feature Pack, or maybe the worries lie in whether it will break LOB applications residing on the Operating Systems. The struggles are indeed real but they don’t need to cripple your agility. This is where having a Servicing model within your organization really works to your advantage, with the added layer of Analytics to assess the environment before you even push the button, everything you really need is right at your fingertips.

It all starts with Desktop Analytics, a tool that will assess your current devices. This looks at the drivers, applications and hardware on your devices, assesses them for compatibility for the latest version of Windows 10 and reports the results to a Dashboard giving your IT administration team the ability to really assess the readiness within the organization. Now that you have a clear understanding of where your business currently is you can start to think about the deployment question and how to answer it.

This is where SCCM/Intune and Endpoint Manager can assist. Giving you the power to plan, scale and continually upgrade your Windows 10 devices there really is no reason to not embrace the Evergreen. With the ability to create deployment rings within the business, each with their own subset of devices you can start small and scale up as quickly or as slowly as you need to ensure that the process is seamless from an operation level and also seamless from a user perspective. The great thing about this Servicing model, is that it allows this process to be automated. When your devices are upgrading without admin intervention you begin to realize the real benefits from the Evergreen model.

Making the decision to adopt real world Servicing within your organization is the first step to truly embracing the Evergreen model.

Now i’m off back to my Daydream!

Dave Campbell

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