Maximising Your Microsoft Strategy

Hosted in the Microsoft Waverley Gate Offices in Edinburgh, this event is for both senior technology leaders and business decision makers.

Join Akari and Microsoft for two informative sessions demonstrating how organisations can utilise the Microsoft Cloud to challenge perceptions and create solutions for specific business pain points, including guest speaker Craig Russell from Microsoft and Gavin Neate from Neatebox.

What to expect:

9am – 12.30pm; A morning session with a business focus, suitable for all areas of the business from HR and communications to finance. This session will drill into the benefits and outcomes for end users and front line workers rather than the technology itself; Including sessions on accessible technology, industry insights from Microsoft, a day in the life of a knowledge worker with Microsoft Teams and maximising your investment in the Microsoft 365 suite.

12.30pm – 4.00pm; An afternoon session with a technical focus with a deep dive into the Microsoft security suite and Azure, suitable for technical decision makers; Including live demonstrations of a data platform environment and an interactive session to build an AI application.

*Note it is possible to register for either morning (business) or afternoon (technical) sessions, or for both.

About Akari:

Akari strive to inspire change with inventive and creative technologies to further enable peoples experience. We specialise in delivering change management & IP, creating inclusivity by design and supporting every employee as an individual.